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ZYX Music is a German record label which was founded in 1971 by Bernhard Mikulski: on the southern edge of the Westerwald he started his own company with pop import, which he continually extended into an independent recording production company. , The company is today one of the leading independent recording production companies in Europe.

The company was called Pop-Import Bernhard Mikulski up to 1992, when it was renamed to ZYX Music. The label specialized in disco and early house music. Founder Bernhard Mikulski is credited with coining the term Italo disco in the 1980s. Since the death of Bernhard, his wife Christa Mikulski took over in 1997.

ZYX Music is headquartered in Merenberg, Germany and has offices in the USA and several European countries. ZYX releases records in a number of different genres, including electronica, hip hop, funk, rock and pop. Noteworthy is that ZYX nowadays holds many rights from some German Krautrock labels like Ohr, Pilz, and Kosmische Kuriere, and is also responsible for reissuing many albums from the free jazz/avant garde label ESP-Disk. Formerly, it held the manufacturing license for Fantasy Records in Europe, an arrangement which ceased at the end of 2005.

Under the imprint Zyx Classic, ZYX has also reissued on CD some important recordings of classical music, including a Beethoven edition.

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Various Artists Mayday 2010 Compilation

Various Artists

Mayday 2010 Compilation

VÖ-Datum: 16.04.2010
Label: zyx music / toptrax

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