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Zylinder Records



Zylinder Records represents the Berlin based independent music label launched in 2008 and run by Marco Fender.

Marco Fender came to life in the pittoresque city of Frankfurt (Oder) in Eastern Germany. Growing up in the midst of the Eighties, he has been magically attracted to the electronic sounds of Depeche Mode and New Order, while at the same time being influence by U.S. Hip Hop movement.

For about 15 years now, music has been its companion. Starting with the Nineties where Marco got fascinated by the thumping bass of the Techno movement which electrified human bodies in the clubs of Berlin, he was then moved by all the beats giving him a new path in life. Being a regular patron at clubs such as E-Werk, Walfish, Exit & Praxis, his wish was to be not only the party guest but to be the one designing the party.

With the help of his friend Gerard, Marco got the chance to be standing behind the turntables and to do his first set. Getting the fever of it, he decided in 1996 to purchase his own set of turntables by which he could finally find his own way to express himself. Being at first a DJ at private parties, he entered the club stage in Frankfurt and then, later on, he had successful gigs in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Shortly after that, he founded in 2000 the party theme “Bordercontrol”, lasting for 3 consecutive years in the Grotte Club of Frankfurt (Oder), where Andre Galluzzi, Sammy D, Marcel Dettmann and Tom Clark hosted the scene. In 2003 and together with his friends Mike Krüger and Josef Grün, Marco designed the musical hub “Ostathletik”. Being a live project at first, this platform grew to a network where young musicians could exchange contacts and produce music.

At the same time, Marco began his own productions, which were partly influenced by Cari Lekebush, Misc, Marco Carola. With a lot of verve and discipline and knowledge of the music, Marco developed his own style, characterized by a deep, technoHouse-like and minimal sound without leaving the groove out of the equation.