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zoo records



Zoo Records represents the belgium music label, a subdivision of Toffmusic, Belgium. For nearly ten years Toffmusic is active in the label world of the harder styles. Well known for labels such as ZOO records and off course Dirty Workz, and hosting artists like Coone, Da Tweekaz, Audiofreq and Hard Driver. Toff Music has managed building up a catalogue in the past years of over 2.000 tracks.

Zoo Records artists roster is composed from acts such as: Q-Ic, Pat B, Lethal MG, Miss Faction, Dany BPM, Point Blanc, D-Vision, Def Toys, Massiv, DJ Francois, Felix Project, DJ Coone, Dr Rude, amongst many others.

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Def Toys Venom Shots

Def Toys

Venom Shots

VÖ-Datum: 19.02.2015
Label: zoo records
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