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Zombie Records was set up in 2003 to cater for the dirtier end of things leaving Grid to pave the way with more experimental beats and it’s sister label to Twisted Individual's mighty Grid Recordings empire run by Twisted Individual.

Twisted Individual (aka Lee Greenaway) is a talented producer hailing originally from Croydon, South London. Lee got into dance music at a very early age and like many used to buy tape packs from his local record shop to hear the freshest tunes. Once he was confident enough he started to play at a few parties and on local radio stations such as Shadow FM and Flight FM; he still plays as a regular guest on London based station Ruud Awakening.

Not satisfied with just DJ'ing, Lee began to try his hand at making his own tunes. His first two releases 'Get Funky' and 'Mission Impossible' were released on Federal Records. He then went on to start his own label Crash and released ‘Damage’, ‘Savage’, ‘Get Funky Rmx’, amongst others.

Twisted’s first release on Formation, ‘Music (Wales)’ which featured on The World of Drum and Bass album in 1998 was well received and is still played today. Since then Twisted has continued to grow and mature as a producer with each release gaining more and more support from the scenes key players and more importantly support from the raving and buying public.

Aside from the musical merit of his productions Lees tunes have also caused a stir as a result of the names with he gives his beats, there’s ‘Acid Bath’, ‘Scurvey’, ‘Nail Bomb’, ‘Gimp Mask’ and so the list goes on, proving that not just his beats are Twisted! Twisted also has his own label 'Grid Recordings'.

This is a project that he wanted to do for a while but only after establishing himself and developing his own sound has he had the resources and contacts to help achieve this. This label, much like Twisted himself, has been growing with every release, and with artists such as Influx Datum, Tekniq, Zen, APB and Accidental Heroes appearing alongside his own productions, this should come as no surprise.

It was during the later stages of 2000 and throughout 2001 that Twisted really broke through into the scene as a producer of consistently high quality and a man with tunes that could wreck a dancefloor. The support of none other than the mighty Grooverider has helped cement this position through his play of ‘Sick Bag’, and then the enormous ‘Lighter - Twisted Individual 2001 Remix’, and ‘The F-Word’ Now with his first album, the ‘Tooled Up’ LP completed, and with dj bookings and remix offers coming in at a rate of knots the future looks bright for the Twisted one.

Zombie was created as an outlet to showcase a crop of up and coming talented producers such as Dubalty, Nightwalker and Dirty Fingers as well as established heavyweights Surge, Zen and of course, Mr. Individual himself.