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ZeECc, pronounce [zik], is a new french record label dedicated to deep-techno, dub-techno and IDM experiences and it was launched in february 2009. The digital label contains double E to signify that itís only dedicated to electronic music (dub-techno, minimal and IDM) and double C to signify a good place for artistic creativity.

Based in France, ZeECc is influenced by DeepChord, Chain Reaction and Echospace, yet their fresh look and ears introduce new musical directions and futuristic developments into dub-techno sonorities.

With a roster of artists primarily known for releasing on netlabels around the world, ZeECc has developed a new platform for this emerging talent, showcasing a fresh wave of developments into dub-techno sonorities.

Artists on the label include Fluxion (Chain Reaction, Vibrant Music, Resopal Schallware), Marko Fürstenberg (Baum Records, Ornaments, a.r.t.less, Echocord), Christian Dittmann (Archipel, Persona Records, Rrygular, Echocord), Christoph Schindling (Kreislauf, Ornithopter Records, Synergy Networks), Mr. Cloudy (Instabil), and many more.