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Zaijenroots Records represents the Berlin based indpendent music label launched in 2013.

The first release come with a collaborative Ep entitled ‘’They Are Strong’’ from Ibadan Main Man, Jerome Sydenham, and No Mad Ronin, who returns to the imprintfor a solo endeavor here.

The next Ep from the owner itself, No Mad Ronin with the release of ‘’Chemical Planet’’. Somehow managing to avoid any modern genre classification, No Mad Ronin’s Chemical Planet EP is something special. Title cut “Chemical Planet” is a dubby, echo-y trip into outer space, your subconscious, a desert island, or pretty much anywhere else insightful you let it take you. Up next Quiet Daze (better known as Ian Pooley) remixes the track, better adapting it to the dance floor. To close it out is “See the Jungle Within,” which gradually builds into a beast of a cut.

Chemical Planet is an intelligent and refreshing foray into electronic music which proves that the fresh new Berlin-based label Zaijenroots has lasting power and a bright future.

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no mad ronin chemical planet, quiet daze remix

no mad ronin

chemical planet, quiet daze remix

VÖ-Datum: 30.10.2013
Label: zaijenroots
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • House
  • zai002
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4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.