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Yore Records



Yore Records is a Cologne based label run by Andy Vaz (Background Records) and Alessandro Vaccaro (Persistencebit Records) focusing on the authentic old school sound in both house and techno. It aims to bring back soulfulness and deepness to dance music.

In days of Yore … a new label focusing on the authentic old school sound in both House and Techno. On the label you won't get to hear the trendy often sound the same minimal hype sound - Yore's approach is to bring back the soulfulness and the deepness that this music so desperately needs by selecting material from some of the finest old school producers, such as Todd Sines, Rick Wade, Terrence Dixon and others.

If deep house has been one of the big stories in recent dance music, Yore has surely curated some of its finest and most lasting moments, doing so with an eclectic range that defies narrow definitions of “deep.”

Spearheaded by Andy Vaz — the man behind the Background and A Touch Of Class labels, and a formidable producer in his own right — Yore aims for timeless sounds. Putting out records from all-time greats like Rick Wade has been a big part of the program, but so has Vaz’s keen ear for new talent.

Tracks like Kez YM’s “Washing My Soul” and Trackleton’s “Traditional Folk Song” could masquerade as beloved classics twenty years deep, but their fresh approaches and distinct voices transcend imitation or even homage.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.