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yin yang



Yin Yang Records represents the UK Techno label run and owned by the infamous Pedro Delgardo and launched back in 2003. Yin Yang’s genre is TECHNO and they are groundbreaking in the sense that they cross genre's to every style of Dance Music. You will find DJ's from all scene's have the black and white Yin Yang's in their record boxes.. The imprint is LIGHT and DARK..They are Yin Yang.

Pedro Delgardo is one of the very few enjoy the luxury of being at the very forefront of their scene, pushing new boundaries, setting the benchmark and enjoying critical acclaim from their peers.

Enjoying a reputation as large as any dj in any other genre; Pedro is one of those rare types in the world of techno managing to cross over with ease into all realms, finding fans in genres such as electro right through to tech trance.

A fan of the energetic style of djing based around his expert use of Ableton live; Pedro is no stranger to the worlds biggest festivals such as the Love parade through to guest appearing on leading radio shows such as BBC Radio 1 and regularly playing at leading club events such as The Gallery and Gatecrasher among many more.

Having released on the worlds biggest dance labels including ‘RIP’, Intec and ID&T, Pedro also runs leading label Yin Yang and once owned one of the worlds biggest dance record shops in the shape of Tune Inn. Yin Yang offers an outlet for Pedro’s heavily supported and eagerly anticipated material but also plays host to a range of leading artists providing tracks and remixes.

With an appeal that transcends musical boundaries Pedro will continue to enjoy the wide range of support from the worlds leading jocks and producers, release heavily supported material through his cutting edge Ying Yang imprint and tour the world’s leading clubs and festivals where he is a welcome addition bringing with him a pedigree and heritage that few can match.

Yin Yang Records is one of the world's 'premier' techno label's and home to some of the world's biggest and best techno producers (such as Pedro Delgardo, Axel Karakasis, Spiros Kaloumenos, Ali Wilson, Wehbba, Reaky, Dj Mika, Dj Preach, Marco G, Christian Fischer, A.Paul, Rob Mooney, Olivier Giacomotto, amongst many others.