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Xenophorm Records



Originally established in 2004, Xenophorm was born simply from the raw passion for music of its two founders Simon Owen & Chris Allsopp as a medium of release for their early studio works and collective live DJ work.
Based in Birmingham UK, it was fully established as a record label in 2009 as output for material conceived, recorded & produced at Xenophorm Studios, and has since grown to accommodate a growing roster of talented artists who continue to grace our catalogue with their unique sonic footprints.
Focusing on a wonderfully eclectic world of alternative grooves, remixes, urban beats & ?step; our aim is to create something special for the wired, conscious world of today. We champion the desire to entertain people and change the way their ears perceive the world around them. Ultimately, our goal is to carefully nurture an outstanding entity in the world of electronic music, and continually develop the way the world hears and manipulates the soul of the machine.

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Nit Grit  Pedro the Destroyer

Nit Grit

Pedro the Destroyer

VÖ-Datum: 28.12.2009
Label: xenophorm records
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.