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wph purple



WPH Purple, stands for We Play House Purple, a subdivision of the Belgian imprint, We Play House Recordings.

We Play House Recordings represents the Belgium based music label founded in 2008 and run by Red D. Having played at hundreds of parties over the last 15 years it only took one listen to the music of San Soda to decide it was time to start a music label of his own. In the midst of the download craze and the flooding of the market with millions of mediocre tracks by hundreds of bedroom digital labels We Play House Recordings aims to stand out with quality. Quality in music, quality in sound, quality in design and quality in distribution.

We Play House Recordings is just what the name suggests, a label releasing house music in all its shapes and forms. My house ethics date back to the days where house was just a name for a style of music that was simply there to dance to. There is no such thing as tech house, there is no such thing as deep house, there is simply house music, good or bad. And even that depends on the ear of the beholder.

Red D started We Play House Recordings as an outlet for the music of San Soda, a friend he met in their hometown Deinze, which is near Ghent if you really want to know. From there on things evolved and more friends of his got involved and started releasing on We Play House Recordings. The simple goal is to release music that the owner likes to play. No hypes, no trends, just good house music.

Since the start in 2008 several fine artists have joined the We Play House Recordings family, including Reggie Dokes, Maxim Lany, Russ Gabriel, Dynamodyse, Raoul Lambert, James Teej and many more.