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woz records



Woz Records represents the independent music label established in 2012 in Sweden. Woz Records is a new platform that they could use to propose ideas and experimental music. Specializing in the Techno/Electronic house with intensions of exploration and discover new genres around the world.

The Woz Records team will try to combine class and quality and we are looking for new talents that make music with passion.

Woz Records is proud to present its first release, "Sunshine" a new powerfull EP from the italian duo. With just a handful of releases over the past years, it would be simple to describe Danilo Cardace & Elia Perazzini project as prolific but what their catalogue lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. Sunshine EP makes for a pitch-perfect example of the sort of uncompromising style and it is certainly sounds of the moment!

After the good results obtained with the first release played by Richie Hatwin and supported by artist like: Paco Osuna, Maetrik , SIS , Luciano , Gel Abril , Butch ,Nicolas Masseyeff, Fabrizio Maurizi , Dj Sneak , Yaya , Danilo Schneider, Danilo Vigorito , Daniel Sanchez, Lorenzo Bartoletti , Nico Lahs , Matt Star and many many others. WOZ its proud to presend the second release with East End Dubs (UK) , Kenny Brian (Per) and Danilo Cardace & Elia Perazzini

The latest release which came out at the end of December 2013 came from Cardace & Perazzini with the 4th release with another EP called Screaming Gun.

We'll certainly keep an eye on this new promising label.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.