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Works The Long Nights



Works The Long Nights is a new label from UK producers Blawan and Pariah launched in 2011.

Blawan and Pariah joined forces in 2011 to form Karenn, a superduo paving the way for other young techno producers and the Works the Long Nights label, which showcases their bass-heavy, abrasive and industrial-inspired sound. After a series of dj-oriented nights, they switched to hardware-based live sets, taking their music to another level.

Pariah and Blawan (collaboratively known as Karenn), have announced the launch of their own label, called Works the Long Nights, which will drop its inaugural release in November. SHEWORKS001 will also be the first official release from the UK artists' joint production outfit, and can be previewed here.

The first material from the pair's techno-centric Karenn project saw the light of day recently—a stomping remix of West Norwood Cassette Library's "Get Lifted"—and it looks as though the first 12-inch from Works The Long Nights will continue the move away from the duo's chiefly bass music roots. Sheworks collects a trio of monochrome bangers (Rubadub, who will exclusively distribute the label, has clips) that will be pressed to 180g stamped vinyl upon its November release date.

Karren give the label a brilliant start with three robust tracks of Bass-heavy, swung and kicking Techno variations. A-side is owned by the Garage-Tech swinger 'Chaste Down', landing somewhere between Burial and Marcel Dettmann. Flipside they slip down a gear into the burly jack of 'Auflen Whip', a hi-strength Techno-House kicker punctuated by pistoning snares and smeared with industrial lubricant for optimal performance. 'Limewash (Barrelled)' completes the hand with an onslaught of hollowed kicks synced to unrelenting percussion and shapeshifting, gargling synthlines.

R&S Records had been the common ground between the Blawan and Pariah until recently: both have released two EPs a piece through the Belgian imprint. In Pariah's case this represents the total of his original solo material to date; Blawan has followed up on Fram, his 2010 debut for Hessle Audio, with music on Folkwood and Restoration Records in addition to the self-released Getting Me Down from earlier this year.

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