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Wilson Records represents the Italian House label founded by Fabio Monesi in 2011.

The Sound proposed by Fabio Monesi resides in a spectrum from the Deep House sounds of New Jersey to the inextinguishably raw analogue sounds of the Chicago house era of the late 80's.
A Strictly vinyl only affair, Fabio endeavours to remind you of the old school days; where DJ's were unafraid to experiment and add personal flair.

This desire to give voice to his passion of course led to 2011, following his first release on the 'American House Sound Records, to found his own label: Wilson Records. Which has become the international point of reference for all those true house heads.

The huge success following his label work and production which is characterised by the extensive use of his vintage analogue gear brings Fabio Monesi to be constantly guest of the biggest clubs in Europe (and outside Europe) such as Watergate in Berlin, Studio 80 in Amsterdam and requested by many labels like Skylax Records; a revered French label who have decided to release an EP, proud to boast artists like Chez Damier, Mike Dunn, Snuff Crew and many other talents.

Fabio is currently based in London where he is undertaking audio engineering studies, in preparation for the subsequent releases boasting the presence of important American artists, -pioneers in the game of House.

Wilson is an Anti Digital Project which preserves the pure sound of 90s House Music. Its mission is to spread the music through Vinyl, which is the only way to play music. This is the reason why they pay big attention to how their tracks sounds, the Analogue flavors is not just fashion.

Wilson Records has developed in a short time quite an impressive back catalogue containing releases and collaborations with acts such as: Alex Agore, Fabio Monesi, Jordan Fields, Steve Murphy, Azuni, Deymare, Enrico Mantini, Gene Hunt, Washerman, Okee Ru, James Johnston, Kastil. Terrence Parker, amongst many others.