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Wicked Records represents the Italian hardstyle and hard trance label launched in 1997 as a sublabel of Ipnotika Records.

Sister labels: Cosmic Sound, Digital Sun, Droppin' Beats, Hardcore Blasters, Ipnotika Edizioni Musicali, Ipnotika Pump,Italian Hard3rz, Musique Electronique, Nu Bit, Raptor Trax, Scrambled Records, Sunflower Records, T-Wisted, Way2Play Records.

Wicked Records has developed ever since its inception an impressive back catalogue which contains over 100 releases coming up from a variety of artists such as: Tekkaman, Norcuron, Rain Assence, Jacky, I.M.B., Heavy Peppers, Shoji Kano, Hurricane, Rainassence, Liquid Fighters, Hacker, Sysmologic, Acid Step, amongst many many others.