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wichita recordings



Wichita Recordings is an independent record label located in London, founded in 2000 by Mark Bowen and Dick Green. Originally, the duo had both met while they were both working for Creation Recordings in London (Creation’s roster included Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, and The Jesus and Mary Train). When Creation dissolved in 1999, that became the beginning to Wichita.

The first album to release under Wichita would be one to envy; Bright Eyes album Fevers and Mirrors. A few years down the line, Wichita had gone through some bouts of upset. Two of their biggest acts, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and My Morning Jacket had moved to major labels after blooming success under Wichita. However, the guys at Wichita would accidently stumble upon a band that would change it all for the label. That band is Bloc Party. Bloc Party would be asked to sign to Wichita Recordings, and their album, Silent Alarm, became a huge success for the band and the label. Silent Alarm (features songs Banquet, Helicopter, and So Here We Are) would sell approx. 61,000 albums in its first week in the UK, and in the USA the album reached #7 on Billboard Top Independent Albums in 2005. The album would eventually go to sell over a million copies, and Silent Alarm was certified platinum.

More recently I’ve loved their nurturing of bands like Los Campesinos! who continue to charm and excite, growing steadily and play bigger and bigger venues. The look on Wichita’s faces when they played Koko’s in London recently was a joy to see; the same when Sky Larkin and Frankie and the Heartstrings treat the world to their excellent songs. I love how they embrace everything from Lovvers’ hardcore to First Aid Kit’s heart melting folk. Their signing of Simian Mobile Disco saw them realise an ambition to work as a home for a real live dance act, which has seen SMD take their tunes and live show to a whole new level.

Wichita has remained very focused on the quality of the bands they sign, and has refused the idea of selling out. You’ll be hard pressed to find another label boss with as much positive vibes and an incredible optimism, coupled with a deep love of MUSIC, as you do with Mark Bowen. The man is joy to be around, his character and no shit-barrier is inspiring. Dick and Ben, Gareth and Janine, Vicky and all who ride the good ship Wichita do so for the good of the bands and artists on the eclectic roster.

Its most notable signees are Bloc Party, The Cribs, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bright Eyes, My Morning Jacket, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Her Space Holiday, Los Campesinos! and Peter Bjorn and John. The label signed Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for a UK distribution deal for the group's debut album. They also signed the UK producers Simian Mobile Disco for the UK.