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What Ever Not



What Ever Not represents the Berlin based independent music label launched fresh in 2012.

After two decade spent in the music business, dj and producer Dan Mela fame together with long time friend and partner Dodi Palese, have decided to establish their new imprint. The statement of the label is simply and clear: 100% care of the product!

*** Dan Mela is a well known dj and producer very much appreciated for his House/Techno music production and also a prominent act ofItalian Soul-Jazz-Funk . He has worked with many jazz musicians who have call him to give his touch to their sound creating a particular mix between classical and modern sound always respecting the original feel of the songs. One of these is Joyce E. Yuille with Light Jazz Trio: recently has performed at Blue Note in Milan. Dj Musically speaking he is attracted by the simple and complicated things at the same time and this approach led him to choose with care and with feeling his records when he dj. As a producer has always wander in music in general almost never wanting to repeat and has always tried to make music that could be consumed over time and not for temporary mode.

*** Dodi Palese, born in Salento class ’82, was able since the beginning to impose its experimental music sound that mixes the Soul, Funk and Jazz roots to the latest technologies (Nu-Beat, Techno, House). He had the merit of creating a series of alternative parties in Salento including the memorable ones at Casablanca. With his nearly 15 years of presence in the local music scene we can say that Dodi Palese has become a valuable reference in the Puglia’s underground house music scene. From few years he began working as a producer publishing his first work on the prestigious German label Compost Black Label and then following to Tonality Records, home of the appreciated artist Jay Tripwire.

Check your limited vinyl copies including special hand made sleeves in your favorite store!.

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dodi palese switch / spacewalk

dodi palese

switch / spacewalk

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Label: what ever not
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