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welt sounds



welt sounds:
Welt Sounds is part of Welt Recordings. After 1 year of digital releases on Welt Recordings, we are in 2008 launching our new sub label Welt Sounds. Welt Sounds is going to be on 12" format as well on Digital. The Vinyl distribution is by German NEUTON.COM and digitaly by WHATPEOPLEPLAY.COM. Artists on this imprint are so far the Shaun King, Kevin Cook,Tim Oé and label owner Nima Gorji.

Welt Sounds releases have been charted by Nima Gorji, Eurokai, Nima Gorji, Geddes, Valentino Kanzyani, Geddes, Johnny D, Nima Gorji, Solomun, Matthias Meyer, Luciano Esse, Okain, Paul Brtschitsch, Nima Gorji, Thomas Schumacher, Luciano Esse, Nima Gorji and 81 other DJs.