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well rounded housing projects



Well Rounded Housing Project represed the british imprint founded in 2011 as a subdivision of Well Rounded Records.

Well Rounded Records represents the independent UK based music label launched in 2009. Headed up by Donga and his right hand man Richta, the label was born when Donga couldn’t believe no one was releasing one of the best tunes in his box, Deadboy’s ‘U Cheated’. He stepped up to the plate himself and the track not only put Well Rounded on the map, but also kickstarted the resurgence in 2-step. At once it sounded incredibly modern and completely classic, something that has come to define so many tracks on the label.

Well Rounded records is the work of DJ/producer Donga, a vinyl purist who spends his days behind the counter at a record store and his nights playing gigs across Brighton. When he's not chatting at length about tunes or selecting cuts for a set, he's busy signing and releasing artists for an imprint that is becoming ever more crucial with each release.

Well Rounded's rise began with Deadboy's 'U Cheated' EP in the winter of 2009, which came as a precursor to the current two-step revival and is now hailed as a modern club classic, and continued with carefully selected tracks from south Wales bass cartel CRST, young house upstart Hackman, Skinnz, the alter ego of Bristol's Baobinga, future bass experimentalist Graphics, and current cream of the UK crop Julio Bashmore. The label has amassed a back catalogue that spans and splices genres like house, fidget, UK garage, juke, electronica, bassline and techno and is host to some absolute gems.

The label's many accolades include being recently voted the best record label on Earth by IRF (the Intergalactic Rave Federation)!!! 50.000 aliens can't be wrong.

Well Rounded Housing Project includes in its back catalogue releases coming up from artists like: James Fox, Outboxx, Mean Poppa Lean, Deadboy, Videodrome, Derek Meins, Leon Vynehall, Hodge, amongst several others.

Sister label: Well Rounded Individuals.

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