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we love this



We Love This represents the Berlin based music label established in 2009. The german imprint is featuring Bodymovin, the Stuttgart born DJ Thomilla (now living in Berlin) who became famous as a HipHop DJ and producer.

With 20 years of DJ experience the crowd dancing to Bodymovin in the club is taken to a plethora or different levels, growing in intensity as their set rides on into the night. Peaks and climaxes are all important, as is the tension that comes between them... each musical chapter is like a valve through which the heightened energy and pressure escapes, and lets the crowd go wild.

We Love Thisís artists roster includes acts like: Larse, Bodymovin, Kasper Bjorke, His Friendly Ghost, Filburt, and several others. The german imprint has been a bit quiet lately, but we are excited about their future releases!