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we call it hard ltd



We Call It Hard Ltd represents the exclusive LTD sublabel of its parent label, We Call It Hard Records.. We call it Hard Records is a digital and physical audio label.

The label was found by Andreas Florin and Toni Drögemeyer (Userkiller). In September 2009 they had the idea to create a new label. Both are well known as producers and djs.

Machienecode aka Dean Rodell vs Current Value,Patrick DSP,A-Brothers,Kuniaki Takenaka,Vegim and Brad Lee are just a view artists of the label.

The concept of “We call it Hard Records” is not only to release audio. They are going to start a party series at the Tresor in Berlin Germany.
We call it Hard is already supported by Dave Clark.Woddy Mc Bride,Dj Murphy,Sven Wittekind,Glenn Wilson,Dave the Drummer,A-Brothers,Submerge,The Anxious,88uw,Mad Max,Space Dj,s,Patrick DSP,David Christoph,Dj Mita and many many more!!

Focused in the most original Techno, and suitable for the dance floor, We Call It Hard Ltd is not just a label, but a comprehensive platform for artists, musicians, producers and all other friends of We Call It Hard Records.

Completely independent and solely to the development and Expansion of electronic music, open to everything and constantly on the lookout for new sounds that is We Call It Hard Records!!

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davidchristoph / frank kvitta / andreas sandman ep

davidchristoph / frank kvitta / andreas

sandman ep

VÖ-Datum: 04.09.2013
Label: we call it hard ltd
  • 12" Belgium
    12" Belgium
  • Techno
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.