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Wax represents the Hardwax-distributed label established in 2009 and located in Berlin, Germany and run by Shed.

Over the years, many artists have been tagged as shape-shifters, but few have taken it as far as Rene Pawlowitz. Known primarily as Shed, the German producer has been blurring the lines between techno, house, and dubby exploration for nearly a decade.

Pawlowitz's recording career began via Hardwax. The Berlin record store was the first one willing to take a chance on his Soloaction imprint. He's paid tribute ever since, both musically and literally. He's an unapologetic devotee of early rave and hardcore—much like the store itself—and his modern dance floor updates of the sound as EQD, WAX and Head High have inspired an uncommon fervor and even more uncommon Discogs prices once they inevitably sell out. It's under the name Shed, however, that he's found success in the album format. The Killer, his first album for Modeselektor's 50 Weapons imprint, is a distillation of his modernist nostalgic sound: Each track on the typically curt full-length is an (im)perfect killer.

Rene Pawlowitz is the man behind all the pseudonyms like Shed, Power House, The Traveller, Wax, EQD. As the artists himself decribes, ''Wax was more for raw, very simple house tracks for the dancefloor. Just for making good music for DJing. There was no trying to do something new or whatever, it was just making raw beats for the floor. In the end, Wax is more house music, and EQD was techno. I didn't choose each alias for a different style. There was no plan, it just ended up that way.''

Pawlowitz has founded two "anonymous" white label series, Equalized and WAX, dedicated to new-school club tracks with old-school energy. The popularity of these tracks has come as no surprise: infectiously funky, and cannily engineered for maximum dancefloor impact, they also have real feeling to them – witness the teary-eyed breakbeat reverie that is EQD002B or the muscular but wistful warehouse flex of WAX3003B.

When the first Wax record hit the scene roughly a year ago, it sent vibrations running through the techno community. The mysterious two track EP that appeared on the shelves of Hardwax quickly found its way in to the bags of prominent DJ's and subsequently became one of the hot must-have items of last year, appearing on charts the world over.

20002 starts off almost exactly where you'd imagine, following the B-side of the first EP comfortably. It's shot through with a dubstep-infused diving bassline that just begs to be worked out on the largest and most robust of systems. Although it retains its signature aesthetic—grime, distortion—the downside is that there is virtually no variation throughout.

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