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Wangorsch Records



Wangorsch Records represents the digital only music platform based in Düsseldorf and run by Thomas Wangorsch.

Thomas was born in 1975, Potsdamer Wangorsch had a start in the German techno scene lying down as he probably could not be better. grew up in the beautiful town of Beelitz, Thomas enjoyed only the sounds of rap and hip-hop until 1993 by thumping beats and sounds of the 90s Techno in Berlin and Brandenburg region were infected with friends. (who also lived there) were directly DJs and Producer as Rok, Jeff Mills, Sven Väth Woody and his models and he lived through the subsequent years, Berlin's biggest techno temples such as the Safe, matrix, or the bunker.

Fueled and influenced by the fascination of music Thomas started in 2002 itself with playing records. His fan base grew with each passing gig he attended because he played through a lot of clubs in Germany. The name Thomas Wangorsch is still known for its breathtaking mix with some effektierten show performances peppered looking for the perfect mix. In the meantime, he moved out of Berlin and he spent a short while in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, but returned for personal reasons, returned to Berlin.

With the move in 1999 by Berlin in his adopted home city of Dusseldorf present, the contacts were in the Rhineland region of added as Thomas then in 2002 added to the "Definition of Techno" troops came and felt at home. Fort Thomas was in integral part in the "DOT" Events like. Sensor / Cologne, electric kitchen / Cologne, or the vinegar factory / Cologne. Thomas' schedule was full of his gigs and met the demand of the public.

Also producing was added in 2007 and Thomas recorded in his discography releases on Momentum Rec, Playback Music, May Records, Electronic District Rec.,Badmatic-Records rec. and is currently working with on various projects.

His personal highlights so far were the Ultra Festival / Cologne vinegar factory and major festivals like Nature One (Kastellaun, 2005) and based in the Ruhr in Love (Oberhausen, 2004).

Wangorsch Records is the favourite home platform for the owners, but its back catalogue contains also collaborations with acts like: Fabian Drews, Massimo, Shi Buka, Frau Anke, Thomas Wangorsch, Bitte Strom, GZI, Fridays Dialogue, amongst many others.

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