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WANG Trax is a new record label from Lula & Electro Elvis - the people behind Wang the London based party crew.

The first ever WANG was held on the 27th November 1999 at what was The Clinic in Gerrard Street, Soho. DJs on the night included Charlie Hall from The Drum Club (who played UR's Nights of the Jaguar, despite a sign banning the record, which had crossed over into the mainstream dance scene at the time) and John Reynolds. Lula hit her head and concuss herself on the way to the club and Elvis spent the night sat on the stairs projecting kitsch 60s and 70s Super-8 porn films over the top of the DJs.

The first party was held on Saturday 8th April 2000, and the full WANG experience was unleashed on the world for the first time. DJs included Keith Tenniswood as well as Jeff Nagle & Kris Krause from Outside Recordings in the USA. Electrophonic supplied full-on video visual mayhem, and the boys from Process Records jammed for eight hours non-stop in what became the chillout room. Again nobody wanted to leave and the party ran over by several hours, WANG had found it's spiritual home and The Premises didn't know what had hit them!

Over the intervening years WANG put on sporadic events in various random venues in and around London, including a disused pub in Hackney Wick (right by the new Olympic site), under railway arches in Brixton (hastily arranged after getting thrown out of a mansion house in the west end on the afternoon of an event) and the legendary Dungeons original acid-house rave cave.

Similarly to the ideas the party was founded on, on the spirit of the underground, the label will release tracks from their friends and founders made along the 12 year journey to date of the party.

Quality pressings on quality vinyl are also vital to the label.

Digital and physical distribution is by ST Holdings.