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wallshaker music



Wallshaker MUSIC is an independent record label and music production company founded by Aaron-Cart back in 1998 and based in Michigan, USA..

His unique ability to cross over between styles like deep house, techno and hard-hitting electro-funk has made Aaron-Carl one of the most interesting Detroit Electronic Music artists. Impossible to pigeonhole, his discography features a variety of styles — from soulful house cuts like “Crucified,” “Sky” and the Billboard-charting “My House,” to ghettotech anthems like “Down,” “No No” and “21 Positions.”

Starting in 1996, armed with little more than a keyboard and a four-track cassette recorder, his demo landed into the hands of “Mad” Mike Banks of Underground Resistance. Shortly after, Aaron-Carl was signed to the UR sub-label, Soul City. His first two records — “Wash It” (featuring “Down”) and “Crucified” were released simultaneously; instantly earning him a local and international following.

Mentored by Mike Banks, Aaron describes the experience as similar to boot camp. “It wasn’t enough for me to write great songs,” he says. “Mike challenged me to make great RECORDS.” Ron Murphy (NSC/Sound Enterprises, Detroit) taught him how to master his songs; helping Aaron to establish his trademark “Wallshaker” beats.In 1998, Aaron-Carl launched his own label, Wallshaker Music. One of his first self-released SINGLES, “My House,” got licensed by Josh Wink’s label, Ovum Recordings, and became Aaron’s first Billboard Top 40 Dance/Club hit.

We specialize in the various styles of House music; ranging from Soulful, Deep House, to Tech-House, Funky, Jackin' House, and everything in between. Wallshaker Music is located in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Artists on our roster include Aaron-Carl, InBetween DJs (UK), DJ E. Dubb and Veronique Grice (Detroit). Our vinyl catalog is distributed worldwide via Prime Direct Distribution (UK) and our our digital catalog is distributed globally via Groovesource (Chicago).

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.