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waldliebe vinyl series



Waldliebe Familien is a Tech House label based in Berlin, Germany, establised in 2011, and its parent label is Natural Rhythm. The Family of The Nature Lovers returns with a strong rooster based on the collaboration between fresh new producers already widely known names .

The Waldliebe Familly 's sound is a natural fusion between Oldschool House & Techno with Disco, Jazz, Blues,Latin, African flavour all mixed up in a great eclectic cocktail that never fails on the dancefloor.

Artists on this label : Alex Cristea, Drana, Felipe Galleguillos, Gruia, Diizel, Larisse Van Doorn, Herck, Emiliano Pompili, Arquette, Amy Bain, Cerrini, R-A-W, Michael Otten, Miskia, Plain Pitts, hamdi Rayder, Dutch Rudder, Alexander Boca, Alex M, Simone Burrini, Trippy Soul, The Moochers, and many others.