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Vulture Music is a 100% independent label renowned for its retro-futurist artistic identity. Born in the glory of “Stardust” and Flying high in the charts ever since the success of its first release (the global smash ‘Intro’) the label remains one of the pillars of the French electronic scene. Set apart by the quality of its productions, it has become known as a stronghold of the legendary “French Touch” remaining loyal to melody and song writing rather than overdriven frequency.

Created & run by Alan Braxe, the acclaimed composer and producer whose collaborations with '''Thomas Bangalter''' of '''Daft Punk''' are already a part of dance music history. His prowess in the studio has earned international recognition and has allowed him to excel in the art of the remix for such household names as Björk, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Kelis, Goldfrapp, Annie, Justice, Jamiroquai, Beyoncé and many others.

Vulture has provided a futurist, open and musically free space for many diverse and talented artists such as Lifelike, Kris Menace and Fred Falke to write and produce some of their most highly regarded material, including “Chrystal City”, “Running” and “Discopolis”

Vulture is constantly seeking new music that will challenge our perception and open our ears. Acts like Das Glow, Fenech Soler and the newest edition (the outstanding, idyllic Swedish duo) Pacific!.

Pacific!’s sophomore LP, Narcissus draws on conceptual inspiration from the classic Greek myth and marks a major step in Vulture’s history as it is the first full length LP to be released by the label .

The goal of Vulture is to release music without compromise, to give its artists the freedom to develop and grow and to hold true to Alan’s vision to release music that speaks for Vulture and most importantly for itself!

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