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Voyeurhythm Records, despite its internationality, is an Australian outfit housing some of our most talented and exciting producers, whilst ticking off the achievement boxes faster than theyve been able to put out records. The impressive imprint, formed only a couple of years ago by 3 close mates, all hailing from Adelaide.

The global imprint Voyeurhythm started with a simple mission: to put good music on wax. Label founder, DJ and producer Tyson Ballard launched the outlet in London 2008 as a way of giving back to the dance community. Sticking to their roots in analog sounds, the imprint has established itself with music by the crew that includes Ben Sun, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Freekwency, HMC and Megadon Betamax.

Having initiated his music career as the drummer for the rap group The Fugleman back in the 90s, the path to house and techno was only appropriate. We were happy to bring on the seasoned London vinyl nut for an exclusive mix.

Tyson has had a new release brewing on Voyeurhythm, already out on vinyl but set to release Feb. 28 digitally. As the closing track of the mix he gifted us, he drops All night, a dark and tasteful choice so fitting to its name.

Now 14 releases deep, the label has taken shape beyond just the little side project we started back then. Currently weve got home bases in Berlin, London, Dubai, NYC and Melbourne.

Firm believers in the strength of analogue sound, all the music on VR is coloured by the scruffy assortment of vintage gear and instruments weve accumulated together.

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VÖ-Datum: 03.05.2013
Label: voyeurhythm
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