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Vitalik Recordings



Vitalik Recordings represents the Spanish music label based in Ibiza and launched in 2009.

Vitalik is a name you are more likely to assosiate with illeagal free parties hidden in the campo of Ibiza or in huge sea caves along the coast of the island, the name was synonomous with varoius forms of underground resistance and clandestine parties over the years.

Vitalik even flirted with the superclubs for a time culminating in massive Sunday morning carry on at Space that kick started We Love.. proceedings each week. These parties along with the free parties they held became untenable in 2008 when all after hours were banned in Ibiza and the authorities took a militant stance on any party not happening within the walls of a superclub.

Vitalik Recordings is a home for music that endeavours to be different. The label focuses on young up-and-coming artists and team them up with the most creative and highly respected producers in their persuasion.

At Vitalik, the teams aim is to create their identity with the standard they set rather than a defined sound.

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Label: vitalik recordings
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