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Vital label emerged in the 21st Century. Its aim is to give rise to a new age of culture life, music life, in the technology world of the 21st Century

Technology plays an extremely influencial role in the 21ist Century more so with the creation of a global network web 2.0

This new medium of communication transports peoples' words, images, and sounds around the world at the speed of light reaching us and touching us 24 hours a day every day .

Vital label is an international label within the virtual world of Second Life (www.sedondlife.com). Constantly communicating and evolving through the innovation of musicians,and the support of patrons at Second Life's Club Vital Staff.

At Club Vital Staff we aim at promoting and creating a fun and safe environment through music and to transfere this into other media within the internet which can provides a wider audience.

Let's Kiss The Future !!!!!!!!!