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vi tva proloop



Vi Tva Proloop represents the Belgrade / Berlin based music label launched in 2010 as a subdivision of Vi Tva Records.

Since 2008 an new label named Vi Tva Records was founded based on Enca booking. Thats the name for advanced electronic music in many styles.

In order to offer to the musical style of Enca Booking a platform, one decided to call itself the label Vi Tva in the life.

Developed from the love of the 2 label bosses to each other, the agency makes possible to be able itself to open now for its artists also creatively the public.

Started in october 2008 with the first tune and in January 2009 start with digital releases too. Spring 2009 starts a new sublabel “V2 Nightworker Records” / so Vi Tva Records was no longer for all electronical genres / from this moment Vi Tva stay for “advanced Techno music” and the new label V2 Nightworker Records is for Electro and House. In October 2009 they start a new Minimal Label “Enter V2 Records.”

January 2010 start of a new label “VITP Recordings (Vi Tva Proloop Recordings) a label for hard techno, acid and industrial.

It is to be said that the label did not specialize particularly in a direction, but its attention puts to publish unusual and TRACKs developed with the certain love for the detail. It does not play itself a role whether it around Electro, Techno, minimum or even House acts.

In January 2011 Vi Tva Records is also located in Belgrade / Serbia and get a new name VI TVÅ MUSICGROUP and the musicgroup consist now: Vi Tva Records, Enter V2 Records, V2 Nightworker Records, VITP Recordings, Vi Tva Booking (Agency) and Vi Tva Special Make Up and effects.

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