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Velvet Recordings



Velvet Records represents the Electronic music label founded in 2013 by Thomas Clapin, who is deeply involved in the electronic music scene in Paris. Velvet is based between Paris and Berlin which are the centers of ours international networks.

Velvet is an agency concept for contemporary music culture.The label is trying to present artists who define a constant progress of new trends and styles into electronic music.

Velvet focuses on talent management and international artists marketing, and the imprint will also promote top international acts and organizes events worldwide.

Velvet aims at promoting and developing releases by friends and artists from different horizons.

For his first release, Velvet is really proud to share with you this subtile Ep from Damien K. Sahri - Rock on the moon including remixes by Sonja Moonear, Seuil and David K.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.