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VARIED is a Potsdam-based label for house music founded in 2009. As the label name suggests, it stands for a range of different styles.

Influenced by diversity, and therefore suspenseful in its style: VARIED. To simplify it to the most substantial represents at first a contradiction. But this is exactly what the musical understanding of the artists behind VARIED is based on. Summing up variety to a clear style is something we try to stand up for.

However, since no one of them is a friend of infinte words, Varied focus from now on to the very essential. Music.

Varied Records serves as a home platform for a variety of artists such as: Alexander Siegel, Christian Scheel, SID, Foehn & Jerome, Timo Kreissi, Ordinary Subject, Christopher Jerome, Coskun Akmeric, Pfeiffer, Jesus Dominguez, amongst several others.

*** For physical release, please search for the label called Varied Records.