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unsung classics



Hello and welcome to ‘Unsung Classics’, a new feature that will hopefully give a look at some astoundingly excellent albums from bands which, in spite of their influential status, are almost always far less renowned than the legions of imitators they spawned.

This is what the label tells us...."Some music lovers take classic dance music and put their own name to it, Some simply disguise it under the bootleg banner with no titles, We just want to keep the tradition of great music going by recognizing the Uncompromised and the unparalleled talents of great artists and remixers. These recording are not all authorized but we like to give the CREDIT where credit is due by simply promoting what we called the “Unsung Classics” in dance music."

So not sure where that leaves us - but its a great opportunity to hear some excellent tracks that you shouldnt have heard before - Daniel Kyo takes Ce Ce Peniston to places she hasnt been before, whilst the Liasons Dangereuses track on here shows theres more than one string to their bow than 'Los Ninos del Parque'. Chez Damier is up next with a DJ Rush remix, followed by a Derrick Carter re-rub of Suzy Q! Limited!