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The history of Unique Records started when DJ Henry Storch wanted to support a band - The Heartbeats - by releasing their first single ‚Don’t Tolerate’. That was in 1988.

Since then many changes had come over the label. But one thing outlasted: the intention to release music they like and sharing it with other people.

As a label Unique Records are focused on the development of (mainly but not exclusively) quality songs and songwriters in soul, funk and dance music. It has to groove!

Unique’s first releases were rather garage-trash-beat music like tunes from the legendary Prime Movers, Thee Milkshakes, The Tommyknockers, The Embryonics, Wylde Mammoths and others.

What has always moved Henry Storch is some good Northern Soul shakers. He had been living his passion for old 60s sounds as a DJ since he was a young lad. So the next logical step was to set up his own club – The Unique Club opened ist doors in 1995 and was a melting point for music lovers, dancers, Djs and many different artists.

The Unique Club has gained international reputation as one of Europe’s top leftfield dance / club venues with a similar credibility such as the Mojo Club, Into Something and the Jazz Cafe as well as the former UK Blue Note.
In 2006 the club was closed – a decision that wasn’t easy to make but that was necessary due to the fact that running a club and a label at the same time is a damn hard business.

But the Unique label is still alive and had it’s 20th jubilee in 2008. Musically the focus lies on any genre outside house or techno: Jazz, (Northern) Soul, Funk, Rare Groove, Latin, Urban/HipHop, Drum’n’Bass, Leftfield Dance and especially heavy Breakbeats of all kinds!

Meanwhile Unique has established The Monsters Of Funk & Soul party at the Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf which takes place twice a year. Moreover the label is involved in other events that try to deliver people a good time apart from mainstream.

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