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Undiscovered Records



Undiscovered Recordings was founded in 1991 with the aim to expose new production talents within the dance genre, with a particular aim to focus on the deeper side of House and Electronica.

The label`s first release was the worldwide smash "Dreamer" from Livin` Joy which reached No.1 and gold status. Subsequent singles "Don`t stop movin`" reached No.5 and went silver, "Where can I find love" No.12, "Follow the rules" No.8 and "Deep in you" No.17, totalling sales of over 1 million copies. In the U.S.A. "Dreamer" & "Don`t stop movin`" both reached the No.1 in the club charts and No.2 in the sales charts, an incredible achievement.

Since 1999 the label has been busy restructuring to keep up with today`s ever-changing market. A wealth of new producers constantly provide us with new material and we dedicate much of our time producing four continuing revered compilation series (Undiscovered Ibiza, Undiscovered Aspects, Afrobeach, Undiscovered World) featuring tracks from Undiscovered artists alongside some of the best music from around the world.

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Label: undiscovered records

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