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UGold Series represents new conceptual Label series launched by Ion Ludwig freshly in 2012. Ugold Series start in co-operation with ‘dd distribution’ Berlin, and as the name suggests, is a label that the artist have started in series.

With UGold Series he finds new ways to release his increasing output of his ever growing style and his purpose of being ‘introverted and impressionist’ producer of house and techno music.

The first signs of Ion Ludwig as a producer were brought to the world via a release on Butane’s Alphahouse in 2006. Ion however, possesses one of those unique stories of starting at such an early age, he was producing electronic music at the age of 17, having then his first release out at 21. Now, over 10 years on, his name continues to echo the representation of pure quality music, one which also shows that having a background as a musician certainly contributes greatly to such talent, dedication and wide recognition.

Ion Ludwig’s musical influences are very wide and not only have been marked by for instance his early encounters with playing acoustic guitar or African drums but equally, if not more importantly, those acquired by his travels and the exposure to different cultures which contribute as major influences to his work.

Working from his 'Ion’s Inn Studio' inside a medieval building he explores a vast expansion of retro-technical and modern electronic instruments enabling sound to be shaped beyond any hype.

On stage his live performances take place with the eye and ear set on the musical 'horizon'. Combining drum machines and synthesizers with a laptop and recordings from older and newer work his sound radiates a never-ending story and energy.

Only on its third release, the label has taken the industry by amusement, as even before the releases were out, they were already ranking top on the pre-sales list on Decks.de. The first release, SOS Tribute by Ion Ludwig himself acquired great support from hugely respected artists such as Ricardo Villalobos who played it at Fabric's Room 1, second release is then followed by master Baby Ford. Third release is again by the man himself.

Strong, powerful beat, very present and intense, still relaxing though..very looking forward to the next releases on this label!