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Tunnel Records GmbH



TUNNEL RECORDS was founded in 1993.
As a first step TUNNEL RECORDS was supposed to show a representative portrayal of
Hamburg's Techno and Trance productions. Therefore both St. Pauli DANCE CORE
compilations appeared.
As a new compilation-series the CD-series TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE had been
introduced in 1997, made in co-operation with SONY MUSIC and which appears every 3
months documenting the "SOUND OF TUNNEL". The TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE CDs
had started immediately with great success (each of them entered directly the Top 10 of
the Media Control Sales Charts) and now there is already the TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE
Vol. 47.
Also the newest release in co-operation with Sony Music Media, the compiler TUNNEL
DJ NETWORX has started very successfully and it completes more first-class
Techno/Trance tracks in a top-mix by DJ DEAN.