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Tridonic Records represents the Italian label founded by Massi P, Fabio MC and Simone Pancani and launched in 2008.

During the last years Florence is the best techno city in Italy, this is thanx to the massive parties by the Cosmonight organization..in Fortezza Da Basso, Jaiss, Central Park,etc...It organizes parties with 4000-5000 techno lovers.

Fabio MC is it's resident dj and protagonist , nothing has changed for him, he was techno, is techno and will be techno...especially hard techno...it's his life! He has been a producer for many years...now his first personal label is born, and its called TRIDONIC.

This label is Fabio MC's, Massi P and their studio partner Simone Pancani's idea.

If your searching for the best italian hard techno around without compromise...you can only find one name and thats TRIDONIC records.