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Traxtorm Records is one of the most famous and respected hardcore labels in the world and it represents a subdivision of Sonic Solution. It was established by The Stunned Guys in 1995 in Milan (Italy), and it also represents the source of the Hardcore Italia project.

Everything started on 1992. That days The Stunned Guys proved life is like a tunnel: if you want to reach the exit light, you have to take a big breath and step straight into it, hoping you've got air enough in your lungs. You cannot turn back anymore. The Stunned Guys reached the exit light, and after that they realized that just one tunnel was not enough.

Maxx started his career on 1987, Giangy on 1991: there was the period the techno scene was borning. Year 1993, the two guys who will have become worldwide known DJs & producers were spending their nights in a small, wet basement (where their first "home" studio was based) creating new and different music, following their only dream to become part of that uprising techno scene which was just starting.

After many attempts to collaborate with Italy-based record labels, they founded Traxtorm Records, the first italian "only-hardcore" label. Their great productions took (and still take...) them to uncountable performances worldwide (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, USA, Croatia, Canada, ...), and the Traxtorm sound quickly became an inspiration source for the other producers and labels (check out the super-hit "Thrillseeka", imitated by hundred of productions).

On April 2009, after more than 16 years of activity, Giangy decided to leave the project for a new lifestyle, now Maxx will run The Stunned Guys on his own, The Stunned Guys will never die!

Sublabels: G-Net Records, Impulse Records, Traxtorm Records Revamped, Traxtorm Records Sinful Edition, Traxtorm Records Special Edition.

Traxtorm Records it releases artists such as The Stunned Guys, Art of Fighters, Tommyknocker, Nico & Tetta, DJ Mad Dog, Amnesys, Meccano Twins, Unexist, AniMe, Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied and Placid K, amongst many others.

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