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toyfriend music



Toyfriend Music" is a record label based in Odessa, Ukraine and launched in 2009.

Their aim is to bring hi quality electro & techno crossover stuff from worldwide producers varying from groovy tech-house, groovy and funky techno to electro-techno.

The digital label catalogue is divided in two parts: regular releases from worldwide techno producers ("Toyfriend") and set of special releases ("Toyfriend Special").

Toyfriend Music is has develop in quite a short time an impressive back catalogue which includes more than 40 releases coming up from acts like: Odessa Soundfreaks, A.Paul, Thermo, Spiros Kaloumenos, Audioklinik, Milimetric, Exploit, Strange Connection, Primus Tech, Larix, DJ Stay, J-T Kyrke, Codename Guard, amongst many others.