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Totem Traxx



Totem Traxx is an electronic music record label and booking agency based in Japan,Tokyo.It was started in 2010 and is owned by Do Shock Booze(Yoichi Hayashi).The japanesse label support not only the music release but also the label showcase management. Anytime they are seeking the new talent and good music.

DO SHOCK BOOZE is the name of DJ Yoichi Hayashi and his live act. Due to the dismissal of his rock band, Electro Unit, he moved to Germany and the Netherlands, after which he started his DJ career in Japan in 2006.

Featuring a lot of produces and remixes for both Japanese and foreign artists, and also sampling his songs and voices as one of the key factors for his sound, he has gained the attention for his track development. Many of his works have been approved by worldwide public and released aggressively from those major labels such as (“Shinshy records (Spain)”, "Bembe Recordings (Spain)", “Hypnotic Room (Australia)”, “Music Taste(US)”,”7Stars Music(Holland)”,”Plus Records(Japan)”, “Fountain music (Japan)”, “POOL8 (Italy)” , “Flower Records(Japan)” , "Momentum League(BRD)",Cancun Records(Mexico)","GALAXY RECZ(Japan)" and more) .

He has remixed many artists & and has his tracks supported by world’s most famous DJs like Stace Pullen, DJ Boris, Luciano, Danny Serrano, Oscar L, Richard Dinsdale, Paco Osuna, Hollen, Paco Maroto, DJ Lion, Sergio Fernandez, Aldo Cadiz, Rober Gaez, Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio), Oscar Cano (Space Ibiza), Vlada Asanin, Del Horno, Joy Marquez, Groovebox, Diavlo, Patrick M, Zenbi, Gerald Henderson, Just2, Elias R….

As the owner and founder of his label “TOTEM TRAXX”, Do shock booze has advocated a sound concept with Japanese sense. He has organised his showcase “TOTEM”, performing DJ and live act, also hosting and promoting many major clubs, lots of outdoor festivals and overseas performance play.

Based on the organic house but ultimately borderless from unbinding expression, his DJ and labelsound is beginning to increase trust and attention not to mention from Japan and also overseas.

Totem Traxx has developed in the last years an impressive back catalogue containing releases from artists like: Do Shock Booze, Takaaki Tsuchiya, Tony Anatone, Andrea Casula, Gary BeMore, Saekicks, Phan Persie, OMB, Nallowbed, Jakam, Joseph DL, Figu DS, Fumihiro Hoshi, Masanori Mikami, Oscar L, Shin Nishimura, amongst many others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.