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Tirk Recordings is a UK record label created by Sav Remzi. It has signed a broad range of sounds from the Kraut Rock of Fujiya & Miyagi, to the disco re-edits from Greg Wilson, then across the waters to the "SoCal" sounds of Daniel Judd (aka "Sorcerer") and the New York 'Disco bump' of Drrtyhaze.

Nang is the sister of Tirk, more dancefloor, less experimental and four colours all the way.

Tirk Records has developed since its inception an impressive back catalogue which includes more than 100 releases. The bristish label is famous for big signings which includes solo works from the likes of Chaz Jankel (Ian Dury's Blockheads) and producer Martin Rushent; also house music acts like Syclops (from producer Maurice Fulton) and Tom Findley's (Groove Armada) Sugardaddy.

In 2007 a merger with recently formed independent Music Rights Collective provided Tirk with an infrastructure to sign new acts, produce, and market its music.

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time and space machine you are the one

time and space machine

you are the one

VÖ-Datum: 09.12.2009
Label: tirk
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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.