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the old miami



Running back is the german music label founded in 2002 by Gerd Janson and Thorsten Scheu, and nowadays is run only by Gerd Janson. The german DJ and producer, Gerd Janson, not only runs the top-shelf record label, Running Back, but he is also one of the finest Djs witht residencies at the infamous Robert Johnson and Panorama Bar.

The german label, often hailed as a Djs' label, has built an impressive catalog over the past decade, amd has incredibly done so without relying upon a core crew of artists. Embracing a different model, Running Back has become a place where top-flight producers – including todd terje, Theo Parrish, Move D, redshape, Tensnake, MARK E, and numerous others – deliver one-off efforts, many of which have proven to be standouts in those artists' discographies.

Running back is one of the most consisten labels about, and that only in terms of quality, mind. Consistency doesn't equal homogeneity, and, it's a fact that Running Back can be all over the shop stylistically. Ravey, wildpitch house from Radio Slave one release, Robert Dietz's desiccated Mannheim funk the next, Running Back is unafraif to thumb its nose at genre purists. The last years have been some particularly fruitful and varied ones, combining essential reissues of the famous Prescription label and bizarre Japanesse sound effects with original and enervating productions from Dplay, the mysterious Precious System, Lil Tony, Jacob Korn, and of course, the massive Tensnake disco-smash ''In The End (I Want You To Cry)''. Without a set rooster, and such a varied pallette, many other labels would be floundering, but fortunately, as Gerd Janson is at the tiller, he is keeping the good ship Running Back on course with his sturdy hands and his immaculate taste.

Artists on this label : Mark E, mute, Todd Terje, Second Life, Soul Supply, Pelon, Prosumer, Todd Osborn, Radio Slave, Move D, Lil Tony, Dplay, Redshape, Theo Parrish, Helium Robots, Heaven & Earth, Precious System, Tensnake, Robert Dietz, Jacob Korn, Rezkar, Disco Nihilist, Tiger & Woods, Hammon Decks, Matthew Styles, Marco Passarani, Mim Suleiman, Boof, Suzanne Kraft, Son Of Sam, and many many others.

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Label: the old miami
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