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the clubbers recordings



The Clubbers Recordings represents the House/Trance label based in Italy and run by Fausto Fanizza and Thomas Schwartz launched in 2006.

The indipendent Italian label is based in a town in southern Italy, where the hills meet the most enchanting sea (Milan).

The Clubbers’ goal is very simple: They want people to enjoy their music, they want them to turn up the volume when they listen to one of their releases. They believe that music, before being business, is pure art. There is no music without its creator...the artist. That is why they work everyday to give full support to their artists and to promote and develop their ideas. Their product is not "simply" the song, but it's the artist and all that is connected: music, publishing, management, production, remixing, consulting.

The Clubbers Recordings is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Invisible Sounds, Luqe, Thomas Schwartz, Sara Grimaldi, Luigi Lusini, Crocs, Solar Energy, Alex Larichev, Black Spider, Andrew Cash, amongst many others.