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Tetsuo Music represents the German Trance Label owned by Talla 2XLC. Originally released and marketed by Music Research GmbH, but went bankrupt in 2001. The german imprint was relaunched in early 2008 through Samsonido.

If you have to name 2 labels which ruled the decade of the Ninetees with their sounds, then its for sure "Tetsuo" and "Suck me Plasma". The master-mind of those Labels "Talla 2XLC" stood up in september 2007 combined the strength of both labels to relaunch under the brand "Tetsuo" and of course writing soundhistory again.

"Tetsuo" a strong name with japanese origin stands for power, energy and innovation... we want to present unbraked drifting clubsounds... and crossing trance, House with progressive electro... music for the clubs and bigrooms all over the world. "Tetsuo" an experience freshing up your view of true clubmusic made by the best producers of today.

There are DJ’s that play music, there are DJ’s that perform, and then there is Talla 2XLC. From the moment he enters the stage, the epic sounds of Talla, combined with his masterful technique of building a journey, is second to none. Whether at the club or making an appearance at some of the biggest dance festivals and venues around the globe, Talla has the ability to grab the crowd, and take them to a whole other dimension.

Talla belongs to an elite group of DJ’s that few artists can claim to belong to, those attributed to contributing to the birth of dance music, and over his career, Talla 2XLC’s productions, remixes and compilations are well into the hundreds, and at one point, was running 8 labels out of his home base in Germany.

His labels “Suck me Plasma” and “Tetsuo” were renowned worldwide for their heart pounding, bass kicking dance sounds and have inspired artists and DJ’s around the globe. Through these vehicles, Talla paved the way for today’s group of Trance superstars of which Talla surely belongs.

Tetsuo Music has developed in the last decade an impressive back catalogue with release from acts like: Gary D., Talla 2XLC, Dove Beat, Twinax, David Forbes, Nash & Pepper. Akira Kayosa, Mindstream, Tr3shold, Robert Cardwell, Robert Burian, Tom Wax, Beat Pirates, amongst many others.

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Talla 2xlc The Sound of The Crowd

Talla 2xlc

The Sound of The Crowd

VÖ-Datum: 13.09.2013
Label: tetsuo music
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