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Technotitlan Records



Technotitlan Records:

Technotitlan Records is a label located in Coacalco, Mexico. We are THE FUTURE SOUND OF MEXICAN TECHNO. We called our music "AZTECHNO: Prehispanic music created with Techno-logy".

We produce techno, minimal techno, hard techno and ambient techno with prehispanic synthetized sounds.
We began this project in 2006 when we tried to find a new sound that would be different of the classic techno of all over the world. We found in our prehispanic roots a lot of sounds that our ancesters used to make their music more than 500 years ago.
Our legacy is not only music, also the dance and love for life, that..s why we..re so entusiastic making music that move thousand of people.
Mexico City was called before been conquered Tenochtitlan. We only changed some letters to get Technotitlan, tha Mexican Techno City, where electronic music grew up.
We..re proudly from Coacalco, Estado de Mexico. 1 hour from Mexico City. We created our own electronic music scene, producing parties with thousands of fans. Our company is called We Love Techno.