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Techno Therapy



Techno Therapy:

Dedicated to emotional electronic music. Music with a message, music with an energy one can't deny. From the early electro/techno sound in detroit during the 80's to the deep and emotive sounds of Bremen, Germany. We prize ourselves on the groove, or some might say the anti groove. The anti groove we as modern machines need to oil a hard day at work, or soothe a repressed thought or feeling from a long time ago. The same groove the needle of a record player sits in so happily, a groove which is established and translated through energy, the energy we can not see but hear, the energy we can't touch but can definitely feel. From the seductive chords of Davis and May, to the destruction and dismay of Bodzin, and the translation of discontent of Nathan Fake to the futuristic and emotive alchemy of Justin Robertson and so many, but yet so few others - we present you Techno Therapy. Therapy through music, we are the technocrats of a eugenically, psychological, and correct sound. The bearers of a sound, not for all, but for those who look deeper into conscious convergence. Welcome