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Tanztrieb Tontraeger



Tanztrieb Tontraeger:

Tanztrieb goes Tonträger
What startet with an Idea has now grown to a basic part of bremens party scene.
At first the promoter didn't expect such an success but with a lot of love and dedication it slowly but surely has proved to be a recipe for good quality in bremens party scene.
So something new was born from the "Tanztrieb" series...
In the beginning of 2010 they startet the same titled recordlabel "Tanztrieb Tonträger".
With well known artists like Deo & Z-Man (dekadent schallplatten), Oliver Schories (ostwind rec.) or Erreome (unison rec), to name just a few, Tanztrieb Tonträger introduces itself and releases the first compilation vol.1
Be curious... the guys are no newbies but already a solid institution in the german minimal and techno scene.
Tanztrieb Tonträger Compilation Vol. 1 and Taktmodul - Deeper EP digital available NOW in all known record shops.