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T Parker Music Works



T Parker Music Works is the Detroit based music label started by Terrence Parker (aka International DJ Extraordinaire) in 2007 to release all of his many classics in a digital format.

While Terrence is internationally known and respected for being a producer, remixer, and DJ in the genre of House Music, he likes and plays all kinds of music. This label is not just an outlet to release his own music, it is also an outlet for Terrence to release music he likes for the world to enjoy.

Now in cooperation with dnp music distribution a selection of this releases will be available on vinyl again.

These release include many classics from Intangible Records and other fine releases from his catalog of over 100 tracks previously available from labels like KMS, Trance Fusion, Studio K7 and many more.

This label also features releases from new artists he has discovered from the USA, Europe, and Japan such as Coco Street, House Of Praise, Matt Veloce, DJ Leandre, and many more.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.