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Swink Music represents the independent music label based in Dublin, Ireland and established in 2011. Swink Music is about forward thinking, underground club music with depth and longevity, and has an artist roster made up of some of the worlds most desirable producers. The label's philosophy is to focus on quality in all aspects of the label. First the music, closely followed by artwork, packaging and label events.

Swink Music Records a Deep House/UK Garage label was established in 2011 by two of Irelands emerging producers Max Conte and David Perkins. Having worked their way up through the years promoting/producing and DJaying locally and internationaly they quickely found their music appearing on labels such as Electronique, The Sounds, Freche Fructhe, Seta Label among others. They decided that it was time to take the next step and start their own label.

Starting out as a digital label our first release came from label founder Max Conte called "Dark On Fire" which was remixed by a huge star in the Deep House scene Moodymanc (20/20 Vision/Tsuba) and Denny Trajkov (Roundabout Sounds). Having quickly emerged and stamped their mark the label caught the attention of many of our peers which lead us on to release a string of e.ps and remixes with artists including the Detroit legend Rick Wade, Maxim Lany, H2, Love Bites and with two Irish producers Maksy and Matthew Collins appearing on our Miami Winter Music Conference Various Artists release.

A year into running the label the 2 owners felt a strong urge to go back to their roots by releasing Vinyl. They knew this would be a huge step but they believe in the music and artists involved with the label so they pressed their first release November 2012 "Si'Ke DJ's - Snap Back E.P" which was remixed by Malin Genie and Alex Agore. This opened a lot of doors for us and gained them new fans and appreciation form their peers across the world. Malin Genies remix was the opening tracks of Mosca's "In New DJs We Trust" show on BBC Radio1 and it was featured on blogs such as Vibe Your Love etc

Swink Music currently have two other Vinyls out "Underground Unit E.P" by Kid Mark & Nick Beringer emerging producers from Italy and Berlin. Disintegration E.P by Sarp Yilmaz a producer from Istanbul who has released on some of the worlds biggest labels. The releases have been received really well and have been charted at No.2 on both Juno Records and Decks.de aswell as all three release down to the last few copies and the forth vinyl due out in the next two months with more planned.

Artists on the label include: Moodymanc, Denny Trajkov, Love Bites, Desos, Rick wade, Alex Alterskye, Malin Genie, Maxim Lany, Max Conte, Liam king, Cancelore, Mike Khayata, I.Hands, Pablo Velega, Bhoo, Darko Kustura, Katorski, James Silk, Colin Balzli, Maksy, Richard Scholtz, Juergens + Strausdat, Si’Ke Dj’s, Alex Agore, Luminér, Rikki Humphrey, Spearman Rho, Cockney Lama, Raffa Fl and Blackmode!

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Sarp Yilmaz Disintegration EP

Sarp Yilmaz

Disintegration EP

VÖ-Datum: 07.08.2013
Label: swink
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